• Primary Care

    Learn how easy Physician Dispensing can integrate with your existing EMR system.

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  • Urgent Care

    Find out why Physician Dispensing | In Office Dispensing is ideal for Urgent Care practices today!

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  • Orthopedic

    Find out why Physician Dispensing | In Office Dispensing is a perfect way to provide the ultimate in patient care for post surgical applications.

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  • Pain Management

    Find out why patients that suffer from chronic pain see real value in physician dispensing programs.

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  • Occupational Medicine

    Did you know that 30% of all prescriptions never get filled at the pharmacy, because patients are told that they must wait to have their prescription filled or pay cash for their needed medication because the proof of insurance is unavailable.

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Obamacare & Declining Physician Reimbursements

I recently read an article from Forbes.com stating that Medicare reimbursement rates are about 40 percent less than private insurance reimbursement rates. Obamacare reimbursement rates are lower than Medicare. Obamacare has a special disadvantage, too: a 90-day grace period. This means people can buy an Obamacare policy, have costly procedures done and then cancel the Continue Reading

I recently read in an article that over 26 percent of respondents to a poll on Sermo, the world’s largest online community for physicians, have admitted they had been forced to close, or are considering closing, their solo practice. The article also says that a physician from the poll said that the “biggest problem” facing Continue Reading